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Plumber Near me in Sangriya jodhpur


Pipeline Repair

Rs. 399/-

*T&C Apply 
Note: Price May Vary According To Distance, Brand, Model & Condition Of Products


Pump Repair

Rs. 799/-

*T&C Apply 
Note: Price May Vary According To Distance, Brand, Model & Condition Of Products


Water Tank Repair

Rs. 599/-

*T&C Apply 
Note: Price May Vary According To Distance, Brand, Model & Condition Of Products

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Plumber near me

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Frequently Asked Questions

We at “Plumber Near Me” are dedicated towards customer satisfaction. We are ready to invest more time in making sure that work done by us will last long rather than focusing on doing it just for sake of it. We have trained professionals who have an average experience of 8-10 years. We understand that without water life becomes very difficult so we make sure that your issues gets resolved as soon as possible.

We provide almost all types of plumbing services like wash basin installation, wash basin repair, pipeline repair, pipeline installation, cleaning of overhead tank, cleaning of underground tank, installation or repair of tank. Our other services include Pump installation, pump repair, flush tank repair, Indian toilet installation, western toilet installation, western toilet repair, western toilet replacement, etc. 

Especially in case of leakages within the walls, smartness and experience does matter. If you would not be able to detect the exact point of leakage you will end up damaging the whole wall. These types of mistakes can prove costly.

Each & every service has a different charge attached to it. Some services take less than an hours’ time and some take more than 3 hours of time. Our services range from RS 299 to RS 999 depending upon the amount of work needed to be done.

We do provide 15 days of guarantee on our plumbing service. However we make sure that you should be required to use that guarantee and we do our job in the best possible way.

We have experienced plumbers who can help in drawing with specifications so that we can make a layout of under construction buildings water supply. Along with water supply we also help with venting systems. In order to detect the faults with home appliances you need someone who has enough experience to handle these situations carefully. Somehow if you are not able to detect the actual issue, you might end up repairing something which was not even faulty.

We usually take less than 2 hours’ time to reach customers place. However it may differ from case to case, location, time of appointment, weather condition, etc.

Plumbing is an art not everyone is good at it. You need to have a good set of skills in order to achieve something in this field. We also ensure that safety standards are met at all times. We also take contracts of building maintenance for all plumbing needs and we provide service 24*7. We are in this business for the past 20 years and have worked with many multi-national companies as well.

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